Book Review: Doctor Strange: The Oath

Marvel Comics | 06.06.2007
Rating: 5/5 stars

DS 2

Doctor Strange has been shot.

Someone broke into his home, stole from him, and then attempted to murder him.

DS 1

When the story opens we find Strange being rushed to a secret superhero infirmary by Wong to be treated for a gunshot wound. Wong has recently been diagnosed with brain tumors and Strange has used his magical abilities to discover and retrieve a potion that will cure him. Word has gotten out about the potion and now someone has gone to great lengths to steal it from Strange and attempt to kill him in the process. Thankfully, Night Nurse, who runs the hospital is able to heal Strange along with the nagging presence of his Astral projection.

DS 3

Doctor Strange, Wong, and Night Nurse set out on a quest to discover who is behind this incident and get back the potion that Wong so desperately needs. Along the way, the reader enjoys a brief, but thorough background to Doctor Strange, with glimpses into his past. Brian K. Vaughan creates a fascinating story of the past coming back to haunt you and the lengths someone will go to save their friend. I couldn’t put down this graphic novel and devoured the story instantly.

DS 4

Will this trio be able to stop the bad guy, take back the potion, and save Wong’s life? Is there more to this potion than meets the eye? Pick up this graphic novel to find out!

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