Book Review: Deadly Class Vol. 2: Kids of the Black Hole

Image Comics | 03.18.2015
Rating: 5/5 stars


The second volume of Deadly Class finds Marcus Lopez adjusting and adapting to his life at Kings Dominion, a school for assassins. Marcus is now dating Maria, a fellow student, who has recently experienced the death of her boyfriend, Chico, an event that Marcus is all too familiar with the details on. Maria is constantly on high alert about Marcus’ actions and believes for certain he must be cheating on her. She even goes so far as to try to shoot him with an arrow! I mean this is a school for assassins, so what’s a girl to do?

DCV2 2

Amidst the struggles of fitting in with his new circle of friends, balancing school with a job at the local comic book story, and consoling his high-drama girlfriend, Marcus must also deal with the truth about his murderous past. Within this volume, the reader finally learns the true backstory of Marcus’ time in an orphanage. Chester, a bully from those orphanage days, is back in Marcus’ life, threatening to bring his new world crashing down. Marcus must rally with his friends to take on Chester and his ragtag, high on drugs, group of redneck troops.

DCV2 4

Rick Remender continues a story of heart and friendship between this circle of friends from Kings Dominion School. These damaged and struggling teenagers, forced together because of various circumstances in their past, grab on to the reader’s heartstrings. Despite an aura of violence, issues #7-11, create a compelling story about more than just blood and war. Take a trip to 1988 with Marcus and experience a whirlwind of teenage drama set in a deadly environment, where anything is possible!

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