Book Review: Behind Closed Doors

St. Martin’s Press | 08.09.2016
Rating: 5/5 stars


Meet Jack and Grace Angel, they’re the perfect couple. Jack has good looks and wealth. Grace has poise and sophistication. They’re the picture of perfection as an inseparable newlywed couple. Just how perfect are things when no one is looking? Why is it that Grace is never seen without Jack? Why can’t Grace answer the phone? How does Grace manage to keep so thin despite creating elaborate meals for their dinner guests? What’s the story behind the bars on the bedroom window?

I can’t help thinking it’s a shame he’s such a sadistic bastard, because he has wonderful manners.

Grace dotes on her sister Millie who has Down Syndrome. She is instantly swept off her feet by Jack when they meet one day in the park and he dances with Millie. Over the course of the next few months Grace is caught up in a whirlwind love affair with Jack that results in their engagement. On the day of their wedding tragedy strikes, when Millie is injured. Ever the perfectionist, Jack insists that the show must go on and the two are wed. Preparing to jet set for a romantic honeymoon in Thailand, Grace is suddenly confronted with the reality that Jack isn’t who he seems. Just who did she marry?

When I look at him I feel dismayed as I always do at how normal he looks, because surely there should be something – pointed ears or a pair of horns – to warn people of his evilness.

I have been meaning to pick up this stunning novel since last year, but because of my love of paperbacks over hardcover, I held off until recently. I wish I would have found Book Depository sooner and never waited! BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is the perfect fast-paced, chilling thriller. The narrative presented by Grace is revealed in fluctuations from present to past that reveal her all too terrifying reality. Jack is the character you hate from the bottom of your heart as you scream for Grace to find a solution to her horrifying reality.

Do I detect a renewal of your fighting spirit? I’m so glad. To tell the truth, I’ve been getting quite bored. Bring it on Grace – I’m waiting for you.

This novel encompasses everything that makes a thriller irresistible – a devastating situation mixed with characters who draw you in to a story that you’ll race through to find the answers. B.A. Paris creates a rollercoaster psychological thriller in BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that is guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat!


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