Book Review: Sunday Silence

SUNDAY SILENCE (Frieda Klein #7)| Nicci French
01.09.2018 | William Morrow
Rating: 4/5 stars


Frieda Klein is a London-based psychologist, who has been known to serve as a consultant with the local police department. After assisting with solving several cases, Frieda suddenly finds herself on the other end of an investigation. A body has been found hidden under her floorboards and naturally, suspect number one is Frieda herself. Frieda is convinced this is the work of serial killer, Dean Reeve, who has haunted her since previous cases. The issue with this theory is that Reeve has supposedly been dead for seven years.

People are stupid. They’re like sheep, following each other, bleating. They don’t know what to think until they’re told. They think they’re being good when they’re only being obedient. In love when it’s just the blind cravings of their bodies. They think they’re free, but they’re just part of a system. Ants in an anthill.

Forced in to the spotlight yet again, Frieda must work to prove to the police that a Reeve never died and is now hunting her. As those Frieda is connected to and love most start becoming targets, it starts to become undeniable to the detectives assigned the case that someone is out for Frieda’s life. Is this the work of Dean Reeve or has someone decided to use this serial killer as inspiration for their own murderous plot against Frieda?

We don’t go through life with clean hands. There are gray blurry areas everywhere. The people I worry about are the ones whose stories are too neat, where the pieces fit together too easily.

Nicci French is a pen name for the married, writing duo of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of picking up one of the Frieda Klein novels and I can safely say that with a little persistence this novel can be read as a standalone. There were a few references in the beginning that I believe as someone new to the series, it took me slightly longer to work out the connections between past and present, but at no point did this stop me from enjoying the novel. Frieda Klein is the type of whip-smart, passionate, and strong female lead crime fiction readers love to follow along with. In SUNDAY SILENCE Frieda is forced to battle against the police department she has come to know and work with as she tries to convince them a presumed dead serial killer is back on the hunt. This book is a combination of police procedural meets thriller with all the characters you want to know more about. If you’re picking up this edition as a standalone, be prepared to want to head back and read through the series!

Thank you to William Morrow and LibraryThing for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. #partner

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