Book Review: Six Stories

SIX STORIES (Six Stories #1) | Matt Wesolowski
06.01.2017 | Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5 stars


Twenty years ago in Scarclaw Fell, the body of missing teenager Tom Jeffries is discovered in the nearby marshlands. A year has passed since Jeffries vanished. The police have met with the other teenagers and adult leaders he was with that night at the local Outward Bound center. No one seems to know what happened to Tom or when he disappeared. All anyone can tell them is that they woke up in the morning and he had vanished. The police finally rule the case death by misadventure.

I don’t know what happened to that boy…I really have no idea. None of us do. How the police never found his body is just bloody…ludicrous though, isn’t it? A bloody year.

Twenty years later, Scott King, host of the podcast known as Six Stories is researching the Jeffries disappearance and the surrounding land known as Scarclaw Fell. King has successfully been able to gain the trust of the four teenagers and one of the adults who were with Jeffries on that fateful night in 1996, as well as a local man who was considered a suspect at the time of the disappearance. Through a series of six interviews King attempts to provide his audience with the facts of the case. Was Jeffries murdered? Will King find that he is in the presence of Jeffries’ killer during these interviews?

There is evil in the world. There is definitely evil in this world of ours. We carve monuments to our fallen, engrave them with the names of those whose lives were snuffed out when trying to stop evil.
We don’t forget.

SIX STORIES is formatted as if the reader is listening to a podcast. Alternating bits of interviewee and moderator snippets unveil details about the case, Scarclaw Fell, and some local mythology. Each of the six stories focuses on one eyewitness to Jeffries’ disappearance and allows the reader to fully “meet” these individuals, by learning their thoughts and feelings regarding Jeffries, their group of campers, and previous trips, all through a conversational setting. Wesolowski is a brilliant author who is fully able to immerse the reader into a unique writing format. I could practically feel myself listening to the podcast, despite being fully aware I was reading the pages of a book. An ability to transcend a reader in that manner, truly makes a story more unique and allows for a deeper connection to the story. If you’re a fan of mysteries, crime fiction, podcasts, or simply looking for a creative read, I would highly recommend picking up SIX STORIES!

I’ve also already purchases my copy of the second installment in this series, HYDRA, from Book Depository since I don’t want to wait for the US release date! Go buy this book! Now!

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