Book Review: Into the Black Nowhere

01.30.2018 | Dutton
Rating: 5/5 stars


A series of disappearances is sweeping through southern Texas.  One woman vanished from a movie theater after heading to the concession line. Another was yanked from her car while waiting for a train to pass. They’re always on Saturdays and the victim is always a blonde. This time a woman has gone missing from her home, leaving her crying baby behind. Rookie FBI agent Caitlin Hendrix has been assigned the case and is making her debut in the field with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. The team believes their chasing an abductor, but with the discovery of a body in the woods, their worst fears are realized and suddenly they’re on the hunt for a serial killer.

She was laid out on the soft earth, on her back, parallel to the stream. Her eyes were closed beneath gray-white lids. Her arms were crossed on her chest. She looked like Snow White awaiting the prince’s kiss.

The first victim, the young mother, has been found in a bloodstained white nightie. Her body has the wounds of a suicide victim, but not self-inflicted. As the agents travel deeper in the woods, they find another body and a shrine of Polaroid pictures displaying more women who have fallen prey to this serial killer. Can the FBI team stop this serial killer before another Saturday comes around?

And the old rage – the awful, righteous craving to show them, to make these women see, to quench his want before he exploded – had risen and coursed through him. It had thundered beneath his temples, telling him: Nobody can take this from me. It’s mine.

Meg Gardiner has done it again! UNSUB was my favorite read for 2017 and the follow up in this series was incredible! The main character, Caitlin Hendrix, is a woman who has been through many traumas in her life and with INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE the reader is given the opportunity to learn more about her life, which reveals an emotional connection to this case. This novel is advertised as being based off of Ted Bundy, who is not a serial killer I know much about, however, if he’s anything like the killer in this book, I’m floored by just how manipulative a person he was. I absolutely love Gardiner’s ability to model her own characters after these real life killers. It’s an aspect that leaves me wanting to know more about the character in her work, as well as do some research on her inspiration. INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE is a heart-pounding, edge of your seat hunt for a serial killer who will stop at nothing to evade the FBI.

If you haven’t read UNSUB yet, go buy it and pick up a copy of INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE while you’re at it! Then I kindly ask that you come talk to me about it, so that I can fill my time waiting for the third book in this brilliant series to be released!

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