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END GAME | Matt Johnson
03.31.2018 | Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Robert Finlay believes that he has left his military days behind him and it is now time to kick back and enjoy life as a detective working in London. That dream is quickly shattered as a series of odd incidents start happening around him. First an author and his agent go missing just when their about to publish a new book that will shock the world about the Muslim underground efforts growing in the Middle East. This literary work brings back memories of another document that Finlay once held in his hands containing the same secrets. This document also threatened his life and those of his fellow soldiers who were present for the discovery, as over the course of the years many of the men involved have turned up dead.

Fear is a knife that twists in your guts but, as many men before me had learned, fear is an illusion. We need it – soldiers, cops, firefighters, anyone who faces danger – for fear is a precursor to bravery.

Finlay has managed to maintain a close friendship with one of those soldiers who was present, Kevin Jones. The two have experienced a lifetime of events together, including fighting off threats against their life. It now seems that Jones has landed himself in a world of trouble with accusations swirling around him for crimes Finlay does not believe he could have ever committed. With the aide of an MI5 operative, Toni Fellowes, Finlay will delve deep in to the heart of the UK’s security services to uncover the truth behind the document that has haunted his past and the crimes Jones is being accused of. What exactly does this document say and who is hunting those who have been exposed to it?

“End game” Kevin had said. It was code, well, sort of. Like saying we had one chance left. I’d never put it to the test before, although I was well aware that others had. It was recognition that in a desperate situation, the only option wasn’t a good one and was likely to end badly.

END GAME is the riveting conclusion to Matt Johnson’s Finlay trilogy. While I have not had the pleasure of reading it’s predecessors, WICKED GAME and DEADLY GAME, I can assure you I will be placing an order very soon to get my hands on them! Robert Finlay is the main character in this novel. Finlay is a captivating man with an immense history in his military service that the reader sees come back to influence his current life. Johnson brings the heart of Finlay and the passion that drives him to light through the actions he takes, be it his hostage negotiating techniques, his concern for fellow veterans, or the way he interacts with his family. It becomes clear very quickly that Finlay is a man of many dimensions with a deep core of goodness that drives him to fight for what is right and protect his country. END GAME is equal parts mystery, intrigue, heart, and soul. This novel is perfect for readers looking for a unique take on crime fiction that blends a rarely seen mix of military and government activities with the life of a detective to create a heart pounding story.

Thank you so much to Orenda Books and Matt Johnson for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my review. Please be sure to check out the rest of the blogs showcasing this book on it’s blog tour!

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  1. Can I please echo Anne’s comment, Jess. Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to include yourself in this blog tour. Your review heartens me, and to hear that you’re moved to also read the preceding books is praise indeed Many thanks. Matt

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