Book Review: Somebody’s Daughter

SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER | Rochelle B. Weinstein
04.17.2018 | Lake Union Publishing
Rating: 4/5 stars


Emma and Bobby Ross live a picture perfect life. They have twin daughters, Lily and Zoe, who are each excelling at school. Their marriage is a story of high school sweethearts still together and going strong many years later. Together they run a successful Miami Beach hotel known for its long standing presence in the community.

Shame is a dirty, dark secret that knees you in the stomach again and again and again. When you’re your own worst enemy, sharing the grime with someone else – especially your mother – is tough.

On the night of the twin’s fifteenth birthday party the facade of perfection comes breaking down around the Ross family. Someone has released a video of Zoe and a male classmate that bring a private moment in to the limelight. The video quickly goes viral and Zoe and her family become the talk of the town. This scandal tears at the seams of the Ross family and challenges them to be able to overcome the shame this incident has brought upon them. Can the Ross family rise above this scandal or will it tear them apart?

Let me tell you what love means. It means we’re all profoundly human. That we make mistakes, and we accept each other’s faults. It means we value each other more than our pride.

SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER is a story of the impact of social media on the lives of today’s youth and those closest to them. Zoe made one simple mistake in an act not out of the norm for a teenager. This should be something that stays behind the scenes and never sees the light of day, but thanks to today’s technology and the ease with which things become viral, this mistake quickly spirals. Emma Ross, Zoe’s mother, has a secret of her own that adds another layer of pain to Weinstein’s story. Together these two events weave together to thoroughly test the bonds of the Ross family. While I tend to stick within the reading realm of crime fiction/mystery/thriller, every once in a while I feel the need to step out of my comfort zone and try something else. When my fabulous reading club, Nerdy by Nature, was offered SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER as a chance to read and discuss with the author, I couldn’t say no. Social media is something that impacts every single one of us in the world, no matter how much we try to avoid it. Weinstein’s story is on that is relevant and relatable to families all around the globe.

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Special thank you to Lori over at Get Red PR for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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