Weekly Reads: May 28th


Finally a Monday I can celebrate…Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all of the troops out there that have and are currently serving to protect this lovely country I call home.

This weekend has been extremely relaxing and I’ve managed to finish reading NEEDFUL THINGS and YOU, so keep you eyes pealed for reviews coming soon!

This week I’m planning to read…

img_7801Now doesn’t think stack look a lot more manageable than the ones I’ve been talking about for the last two weeks?! Yeah, I think so too!

I’ve been enjoying the audiobook of HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN for a few days now and I’m hoping for it to keep me company on my commute for the two days I’m working this week and then I’ll wrap up by reading the ending. In addition to Louise Penny, I’ll be digging in to DON’T WAKE UP, which is this month’s selection for the Instagram’s Criminally Good Book Club. The premise sounds really intriguing and I’m excited to give a medical thriller a try. They aren’t something I typically read, just because I don’t know where to start…so if you have recommendations, please send them my way!

Oh yeah…did I say two days of work?? Yes friends! We’ve got big plans to head across the country for a wedding this week and I’ve chosen THE SOCIAL AFFAIR to keep me company on the flight there. This is the May selection for Instagram’s Black Heart Reads book club and I’m ecstatic to finally check out Britney King’s work. She’s got so many fans around the #bookstagram community and this book, as well as the follow up, THE REPLACEMENT WIFE, are getting rave reviews. I mean it’s about a cult…what’s not to love? I’ve still got some thinking to do for the rest of my travel books, but I’m leaning towards selecting from SINNER by Christopher Graves, THE OLD YOU by Louise Voss, and CAN YOU HEAR ME? by Elena Varvello.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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