May Wrap Up

Fault Lines by Doug Johnstone
Obscura by Joe Hart
Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall
The Way of Beauty by Camille Di Maio
The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin
I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi
Needful Things by Stephen King
You by Caroline Kepnes
How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny
Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler

12 books (2 read w. audiobook combo)
4,711 pages

Excuse me I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground over how many books I was able to read this month! When I set a goal of 13 books I figured I would be luck to achieve 10, but thanks to audiobook/reading combinations I was able to get 12 books read this month! So what exactly did I read?

Last month I told you about how I stepped outside of my reading comfort zone and added science fiction thrillers in to my reading mix. This month I did something similar with adding in some literary fiction and historical fiction titles. First up was my historical fiction pick of THE WAY OF BEAUTY by Camille Di Maio. This book was centered on the history of New York seen through the eyes of two women. It was a stunning book and it made me remember why I used to read so much historical fiction. Next up was THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO, which could be considered a bit of historical fiction mixed with literary fiction. This gorgeous book has been sitting on my shelf since I ordered it from Book of the Month club and thanks to a friend over on Instagram who set up a buddy read for it, I finally understand the hype! This book is glamorous, sexy, funny, and heartbreaking. Also, this was my first audiobook of the month and the narrator is stunning, so if you’re looking to start audiobooks or just want something new to listen to, I highly recommend this one! Rounding out the literary fiction titles for the month was I LIKED MY LIFE by Abby Fabiaschi. When I first read the synopsis I was a little on the fence, but this was title I read with a book group on Instagram and they were all giving it rave reviews, so I put on my big girl pants and fell in love! This title hit home a lot with the loss of a mother and how that impacts the daughter and husband she left behind. I was a whirlwind of emotions, but I’m so happy I read this one!

I had the pleasure of starting out my reading month with hosting a blog tour spot for Orenda Books newer title, FAULT LINES by Doug Johnstone. This book centers around a murder that takes place on a volcanic island. The writing was amazing! Johnstone created such an atmospheric feel and the mystery was expertly unraveled. Next up I went with another newly released title, OBSCURA by Joe Hart. After last month’s positive experience with science fiction thrillers I knew I wanted to try more and this was the perfect selection! Centered around finding the cure for an Alzheimer type disease the book transports the reader in to space for a mission that is most definitely out of this world. When things turn murdery they get even better! Speaking of crazy rides, I then picked up OUR KIND OF CRUELTY by Araminta Hall, which is told through a narrator who is willing to stop at nothing to get his ex back. We’re talking stalking, intricate lies to make it seem like they’re still together, and a deadly twist. This one also released this month and is worth a spot on your TBR.

I was ecstatic when I saw that Jessica Knoll had a new book coming out and when the people at Simon Books sent me a copy I danced around my house with joy. Unfortunately, THE FAVORITE SISTER didn’t work as well for me as her debut novel, LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE did. I’m willing to accept that as someone who is not a fan of reality TV the plot was just a miss for me. While the book was slow, there were a lot of great moments where Knoll called attention to the way women are viewed in society and portrayed on TV. When I saw I won a Goodreads giveaway for PAPER GHOSTS another happy dance was done around my house and this time I was not disappointed. I loved the premise of this one with a man who is maybe suffering from dementia and may be a serial killer. A woman has posed as his daughter and is taking him on a road trip to find out the true about her sister’s murder, which she believes this man is responsible for, the only issue is, can she believe a word he’s saying? Oh, and he also might just kill her…no big deal! On the same page of crazy, I finally read YOU by Caroline Kepnes this month. Seriously, shame on me for leaving this one on the shelf for so long because Joe Goldberg is my new favorite fiction character! The guy is a hardcore stalker, but he has some really great insights on society and did I mention he’s a bit off his rocker? Kepnes is a true genius and I will definitely be adding the follow-up, HIDDEN BODIES, to my summer TBR.

Rounding out this glorious month of reading was my Stephen King read along for NEEDFUL THINGS and book club selections. NEEDFUL THINGS blew my mind! I loved the premise, the characters, the underlying meaning, and all the things only Stephen King can bring to a book. This one is definitely going to stay on the list for top 10 Stephen King reads as I get further in to my journey. Speaking of favorites, this month I determined my favorite book from the Chief Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN has been the most suspenseful installment of this series and probably the most emotional I’ve felt as a subplot was finally resolved. The previous book in the series tore my heart out and Penny has safely put me back together, but left me curious where the novels will turn now with an interesting ending. Lastly, was this month’s Criminally Good Book Club pick, DON’T WAKE UP by Liz Lawler. I’ve never really read a medical thriller before, but this one has certainly peaked my interests! Dr. Alex Taylor has just woken up from a nightmarish situation and no one believes her. As things continue to get stranger around her, she finds herself on the suspect list and being hunted by her abductor. Fast paced, heart pounding, brilliant read!

I’d love to know what you read this month! Have you read any of these titles? Let’s chat!

Here’s to June! Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Thank you to the amazing publishers for providing me with several of these titles for free in exchange for an honest review.

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