Weekly Reads: July 16th


Another Monday, another TBR for the week!

My weekend aspirations to crush it in the reading department were quickly shattered by food poisoning hitting both me and my husband. I could only manage a few pages at a time without getting nauseous, so needless to say I fell behind a bit of where I want to be this month with my reading goals from this weekend and our beach trip. It’s new day and one without sickness, so I’m ready to get some pages read!

This week I’m planning to read…

img_8291Let’s start with the ugly truth…this photo is a lie. I actually still need to finish reading BABY TEETH tonight, but I was too lazy to snap a new photo! So, once I finish hanging out with creepster Hanna in BABY TEETH tonight, I’ll be starting up with BLOCK 46. Can we talk about how long I’ve been trying to read this book? Practically forever. Why so long? Because I live and breathe book ADHD and FOMO. I get easily distracted and forget about the list I already have that I want to read. Thankfully the amazing Karen Sullivan over at Orenda Books stepped in to save me by sending me a copy of book two in this series, KEEPER, and I knew I just had to start with book one.

In the currently reading department, I’ll be listening to THE NATURE OF THE BEAST this week as my audiobook. I started it on my Friday commute and am loving it! The story is back in Three Pines, which always makes me happy and the plot seems to be an interesting one. Fingers crossed, after a huge disappointment with the last one, that Penny and I are back in a love-love relationship. I’m also picking back up I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK this week. I won’t lie to you guys, I was home alone reading the other night and I got pretty freaked out and had to turn on the TV for some background noise. Yes, I easily flinch at things, but reading doesn’t typically have me checking every door, except for when I read IT and my ceiling fan when under possession at the same time. Talk about creepy! Nothing like having the light turn off by itself while reading about Pennywise’s antics!

Next up on the reading list will be KIN by Kealan Patrick Burke. You might remember me raving about his novella, SOUR CANDY, last month. I am so excited to check out more of his work and this book has received fantastic reviews. I can’t wait to spend some time with a family of cannibals. That’s not weird, right? Right??

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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