Weekly Reads: August 20th


I feel like I haven’t accomplished much with my reading TBR this month except for repeatedly reorganizing it to take out books. It’s taking me much longer to read a book than usual and I haven’t quite figured out what’s happening with me. It isn’t the books, as I’ve loved my most recent reads. Let’s focus on moving forward and what books are coming up instead!

This week I’m planning to read…

img_8529More of THE STAND! Things are heating up and I’m expecting some serious action to take place in this week’s section. I’m getting a bit worried King is going to start killing off my favorites any minute now, so keep your fingers crossed for my heart!

Also continuing on this week is my audiobook selection of THE GOOD DAUGHTER. This is my first experience with Karin Slaughter’s work and I’m blown away! I can confirm friends, the hype is real! I will definitely be picking up another one of her books in the near future, as well as looking for more books that this particular narrator has done. She’s brilliant and making my listening experience superb!

Tonight I’m planning to pick up THE GOOD SON, which will be my first experience with Korean crime fiction. The author for this one is being hailed as Korea’s Stephen King and a lot of bookworms I respect gave this book high marks, so I’m forecasting a great read! Following that I will be picking up HOUSE OF SPINES, which has a Gothic ghost story vibe to it. I’m 100% ready for Fall, so I’m convinced this is going to be perfect!

Jess nerd out moment: I just realized I’m reading THE GOOD DAUGHTER and THE GOOD SON at the same time…what are the odds of that planning?! 

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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