Weekly Reads: September 17th


Last week was about as uneventful of a reading week as you can get. I managed to read one book thanks to work commitments. This week is shaping up to be slightly better and I have a great stack of reads planned out!

This week I’m planning to read…

img_8693Truth: I actually have 30 pages of THE BUS ON THURSDAY left, which I planned to read last night, but sleep sounded better! The book has been tons of fun, but my eyelids just said not tonight. So, once I’m off work I’ll be finishing that up and diving into SNARE. I am so excited to read my first book by Lilja Sigurdardottir. I have heard raving reviews about this book and being able to pick up the next in the series next month has me beyond giddy!

I’m also loving BEHIND HER EYES, which is my audiobook selection this week. Fun fact, I decided it was time to start going back to the gym after majorly slacking recently. I’m giving audiobooks a try instead of my usual music listening. So far, so good, but I won’t lie and tell you I don’t get easily distracted.

On the agenda for later in the week is MISERY. The fantastic Janel of Keeper of Pages is hosting the #oneweekofmisery read along on Instagram this month and I’m very eager for our discussion on Sunday. Quite a few people in our group have already finished the book, but I’m terrible at remembering things unless I read right before a discussion. I’ve got the memory of a Granny!

I’m keeping my TBR small this week, mostly because I don’t know what I want to read at the end of this month. I have a lot of books that are sparking my interest, so I think I’m going to let my mood drive my selections. Stay tuned!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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