Weekly Reads: September 24th


The weather is back to rain, rain, rain in Maryland this week and while I would love for that to mean more reading time for me, unfortunately I don’t see that happening. We were lucky enough to have an awesome weekend. Hubby and I took fully advantage of the weather and took a 4 mile walk on Sunday.

Things in my reading world are definitely taking a hit this month and it looks like something that will continue. Most of the hit has been due to work, but I’m also working on getting more active, so I’m learning where reading fits into my new life balance.

This week I’m planning to read…

img_8722I kicked off this week with THE LION TAMER WHO LOST last night. I’m only 25 pages in, so no real opinions have been formed, but I’m definitely intrigued by Ben, who the first part focuses on, and what to know more about his story. Louise Beech is a new author to me, but Orenda Books publishes so many fabulous authors and I’ve seen tons of great reviews for this one, so I’m thinking I’ll be falling in love with not only this book, but also Beech.

My audiobook for this week is LYING IN WAIT, which is the September selection for Instagram’s Criminally Good Book Club. I have had Liz Nugent on my list of authors to check out list for such a long time, so I’m thrilled to be finally getting to one of her books.

Later in the week I’m planning to start WHAT HAVE YOU DONE by Matthew Farrell. I read a preview of the book months ago and was intrigued and over the moon when Amazon said they would send me a copy. This is also one of Amazon’s First Read selections this month, so Prime members can pick it up for free before it publishes on October 1st!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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