Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love to Meet!


Welcome to another installment of Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is authors I’d love to meet. To be honest, I’ve never had the luxury of meeting any authors. Where I live in Maryland doesn’t seem to attract author events and travelling to D.C. can be a huge pain. My bucket list is long, but I’ve narrowed it down to some of my top picks!

1. Agatha Christie – How can Christie not be at the top of a mystery lover’s list? She’s the absolute queen of mystery and was way beyond her time with some of the concepts she came up with in her books. Yes, I realize she isn’t alive anymore, but a girl can dream right?

2. Stephen King – I just started getting into King’s work this year, but even before I was reading his books, I was watching movies based off of them and have always wanted to meet him. Now that I’m actually tackling his massive list of books, I’m even more in awe of his abilities.

3. Louise Penny – Last year around this time I started my journey into the world of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made when it come to committing to a series. Each month I was excited to see what Penny came up with next. These books have so much more than a cozy mystery within their pages and I would love to meet the mastermind behind Ruth Zardo, who is hands down my favorite Three Pines resident!

4. Meg Gardiner – UNSUB and INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE are easily my most recommended and loaned out books. I have given them to countless co-workers and friends and each time they return them telling me who much they loved them. Gardiner is a captivating writer, who I can’t wait to read more from. She has several backlist titles that I want to pick up in the near future.

5. Caroline Kepnes – How could I not put Kepnes on this list? She absolutely blew my mind with YOU and then won over my heart, while sparking an interest in Lovecraft in PROVIDENCE. I still need to read HIDDEN BODIES, but part of me is having issues with starting it because then I won’t have any other books about Joe to look forward to. Also, if you aren’t watching the series based on YOU, do yourself a favor and check it out!

6. Johana Gustawsson – This year I feel in love with Gustawsson’s BLOCK 46 and KEEPER. Not only are these books absolutely amazing, but the author behind them is one of the kindest humans I ever had the pleasure of talking to. She’s super supportive of bloggers and readers that have reviewed her books, which I always think is amazing! Plus, did you hear the awesome news…these books are being adapted into a TV series!

7. Louise Beech – In case you missed my lovefest for THE LION TAMER WHO LOST, this amazing book touched my heart (and broke it) last month. I recently read an awesome Q&A from Mart that absolutely solidified I want to read more of Louise’s books and hop a flight across the pond to meet her!

8. Gillian Flynn – When all of the hype hit about Gone Girl I instantly jumped at reading the book and like many others I fell in love with Flynn’s writing. I have read all of her books and am eagerly waiting for her to release a new title. In the meantime, I re-read SHARP OBJECTS before the HBO show hit. Verdict? Still loved it!

9. J.T. Ellison – Last year I fell in love with LIE TO ME by Ellison. Her writing style is fantastic and I loved the story. I instantly started following Ellison on Instagram and Twitter. She’s a pretty awesome person as well as author, so I would love to have the chance to meet her. I’m also hoping to squeeze TEAR ME APART into my upcoming TBR.

10. Shannon Kirk – I read IN THE VINES a few months ago and was swept away into the pages of Kirk’s gothic storytelling. I’ve already talked about wanting to read METHOD 15/33 in another Top Ten Tuesday. I would love to meet Kirk and pick her brain about all things VINES!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love to Meet!

  1. Agatha Christie is a great shout! I’d also love to meet JK Rowling (I know it’s cliche, but still… I really want all those questions I had when reading Harry Potter to be answered!!)

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