Weekly Reads: October 9th


Well friends, I’m a day late from normally posting this on Monday, but I promise it was for good reason. Wanna know what I was up to? I was ax throwing! My company throws 2 team building events every year and I’m one of the people that presents and coordinates them. It’s an all day affair and left zero time or desire for blogging, but at least I can brag about getting a bulls eye!

This week I’m planning to read…

img_8811This Sunday is the final checkpoint for our read along of THE SHINING. I am ready to dive back into my stay at The Overlook Hotel. The ending of Part Three was a crazy cliffhanger and I’m dying to know what happens next!

This week also finds me spending time with two other novels that have been on my list for quite some time. First up, I started the audiobook for SOMETHING IN THE WATER yesterday during my commute. I’m a bit undecided on where I feel about this book. It didn’t start out with a bang, which is fine. I’m just hoping all of the backstory is going to lead me somewhere exciting soon.

THE DARKNESS on the other hand completely gripped me within the first few pages. I love Ragnar Jonasson’s writing style and his main character, Hulda, is fantastic. She’s a strong woman out on a mission to look into a case from her past. I love her determination and am excited to see what she has up her sleeve.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?


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