Book Review: Daughters of the Lake

11.01.2018 | Lake Union Publishing
4/5 stars


Kate Granger is attempting to put her life back in order on the heels of learning that her husband, Kevin, was having an affair. She has quit her job and gone back to her safe place, her parent’s home, in an attempt to heal. This tranquil setting is instantly thrown into chaos when Kate’s father discovers the body of a murdered woman floating in the lake their house backs up to. This mystery woman is wearing a white nightgown that appears to be the definition of vintage. Tucked in the folds of this gown is a small infant, left to pass away in the cold water with its mother. The identity of this woman is unknown to those in town, except for Kate who swears she has seen her in her dreams, has been her in her dreams.

It was finally time for the lake to give her up. And so, one morning in late summer, her body washed gently into the shallows, as though it, she, had simply been floating in a peaceful, watery slumber.

Over 100 years ago a great tragedy took place that was the ending of a story about love and fate. Some mysteries get pushed aside, but this tragedy needs to be solved. Kate dedicates herself to being the person to piece this one together. She quickly finds herself mixed in with folklore and ghosts that might just be more real than anyone wants to admit. Will Kate discover who killed this woman and child?

Denial of unpleasant reality is as powerful as the reality itself.

DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE is an atmospheric, Gothic mystery surrounding Kate Granger and her connection to a long dead woman found in the lake near her family home. This story is unfolded through current times with Kate and her sleuthing, as well as passages from the past, which reveal the life of this mystery woman and what lead to her ultimate demise. Mixed within these alternating timelines is a healthy dose of folklore and paranormal activity. Wendy Webb does an excellent job of making these unbelievable elements fit within the story being told. There were certainly times that left me with goosebumps on my skin. I will say that if you’re looking for a fast-paced, in-your-face thriller, that this book will miss the mark for you. The story is methodical, detailed, and supremely atmospheric. If you’re looking for a unique mystery with historical vibes and a touch of other-worldliness, DAUGHTERS OF THE LAKE would make a perfect selection for your reading list!

Nothing can hurt you here. You are with me now. I will keep you safe, here, with me, my daughter of the lake, until it is time.

Disclosure: Thank you Amazon Publishing for sending me a free review copy of this book!

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