Weekly Reads: November 26th


I can’t believe this weekend will be December. I’m positive that November just started and that I have a ton of books still on my TBR for this month!

What do you do with books that you plan to read in a specific month, but don’t get to? Do you just bump them to the next month or do you put them off for longer?

This week I’m planning to read…


Last night I kicked off this week’s reading plan with BLEAK HARBOR. Bryan Gruley actually reached out to me on Instagram about reading his book and I was thrilled to accept after reading the synopsis! This book centers around the abduction of an autistic teenager and his parent’s trying to get him back. The buildup and back story has been really interesting so far. I just got to the abduction, so I still have a lot of ground to cover, but it’s shaping up nicely!

This morning I started my audiobook pick for the week, BONFIRE. Krysten Ritter’s book has been sitting on my unread shelf since I purchased it a year ago. My commute into work didn’t cover many chapters, so I don’t really have any early thoughts other than my attention has been grabbed.

Next up on my TBR will be a highly anticipated ARC of THE MANSION by Ezekiel Boone. I have been dying to start this one, but I like to stick to reading advanced copies closer to publication day. I’ve been curious about Boone’s writing for quite some time, but I’ve avoided his The Hatching series because I’m not a huge fan of spiders. Perhaps this book will give me some bravery to check it out!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Reads: November 26th

    1. Yes, this is the exact problem I’m running into! I think it doesn’t help that I’ve already created a list of books I want to read in December and then shoving the unread ones onto that list just makes it massive!


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