Weekly Reads: December 10th


We’re slowly creeping up on the halfway mark of December and I’ve officially read 2 books and bought 2 Christmas presents. Yikes! At least thanks to a nasty cold I was trapped inside all weekend and got some quality reading time in.

This week I’m planning to read…

Let’s start with what I’m carrying over from last week…I still have about 3 hours left on my audiobook list for KINGDOM OF THE BLIND. This book is brilliant and will be another highly rated title for me in Inspector Gamache series. At this point I haven’t selected a new title for when I wrap this one up, but I am debating between 2 options.

I’ve also been making my way through the short story collection, HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SCREAM and absolutely loving it! I love not only the stories, but that I’m getting the chance to read works by so many authors who have made my list for future reads. Now to determine how the heck to prioritize that list!

Tonight I’ll be starting ATTEND by West Camel, which is an upcoming release from Orenda Books that I have been drooling over. This book is getting so many positive reviews and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on my Saturday (12/15) tour stop!

Also popping up in my TBR this week is JOYLAND by Stephen King. This is actually a re-read for me, but I couldn’t not participate in a Stephen King read along with Janel! I also snagged this beautiful illustrated edition thanks to a bunch of enablers!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

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