Weekly Reads: January 14th


We’re almost to the halfway mark of January and once again I’m finding I was over ambitious on my monthly TBR planning! I know, I say this every single month and yet I continue to plan out my reading the same way. I think for me, planning a larger TBR allows me to work with more of a selection to mood read from, which is great. I just need to work on reminding myself that it’s okay not to get to everything.

img_9542Despite what this picture shows, I’m still working my way through THE LEGACY. I thought I would finish it yesterday, but we ended up getting way more snow than we anticipated and my day was all out of sorts.

I did manage to make it about halfway through PET SEMATARY in time for our Sunday discussion. Right now opinions are mixed on characters and whether or not we’re loving the story. Personally I’m quite interested in how things are going to end up. With half the book left, anything could happen!

After I wrap up THE LEGACY I’ll be moving on to another Icelandic read with BLACK OUT. This is the third installment of Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series and I am so looking forward to being back with Ari Thor! I love this series to death and am really looking forward to an other atmospheric read.

Somewhere along the week I’ll also be picking up STIRRING THE SHEETS, which is a novella by Chad Lutzke that came in my Night Worms subscription package for January. Lutzke is an author I’ve been eager to check out, so I’m really looking forward to dedicating an evening to this little beauty!

Hopefully any day now I’ll be kicking off my audiobook listen of NINE PERFECT STRANGERS. I’ve got two people holding me back on the library holds list and the status is available soon..fingers crossed! I’ve heard some mixed reviews about this book, which is a shame because I love Moriarty’s previous works and was really excited about this book. A fellow bookworm suggested that the audio was a better experience than reading the book, so that’s my game plan!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books?

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