Weekly Reads: January 21st


January is quickly passing by and I’m starting to struggle with juggling my many reads. I think this weekend I was able to get myself in a good place, so this week should be great!

img_9584I know this stack looks a bit ridiculously big, but I have a plan!

I’m currently reading BLACKOUT and CREATURES OF WANT & RUIN. I absolutely adore being back with Ari Thor in the third installment of Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series. At about halfway through, I have found myself not wanting to put this book down!

CREATURES OF WANT & RUIN is one of the books that came in my January Night Worms package. The ladies behind the box are hosting a read-along, which I of course hopped on board for! Our first checkpoint is the first 5 chapters and I really didn’t want to stop there last night!

My audiobook hold at the library didn’t come through until Friday, so I got a delayed start on NINE PERFECT STRANGERS. I’m still working on finding my footing with this story, so no strong opinions of like or dislike currently.

Later this week I’ll be starting a new Nordic Noir title with NEMESIS, which is book four in the Harry Hole series from Jo Nesbo. Along with Dark Iceland, this has easily become one of my favorites series reads.

At some point this week I’ll also be sliding in the novella, OUT BEHIND THE BARN, which is my last title from my Night Worms package. I had my eye on this one before the ladies announced it would be in the box, so I can’t wait to dig in!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books?


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