Book Review: Rabid Heart

RABID HEART | Jeremy Wagner
08.10.2018 | Riverdale Avenue Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Six months have passed since the Necro Rabies pandemic swept the Earth. Rhonda is now living in a world filled with hordes of rabid undead humans known as “Cujos”. She has thought for these last six months that her fiance, Brad, was lost to her, until she discovers his newly zombified version while out on a supply run in her former hometown. Brad isn’t like all the other Cujos. He seems to want to protect Rhonda and she wants to protect him.

The military base Rhonda currently calls home is run by her Marine Colonel father and his reaction to her returning to camp with her zombie fiance is not what Rhonda was hoping for. In the name of the greater good, the Colonel wants Brad dead. Rhonda can’t imagine losing Brad all over again and sets off on a road-trip into the Cujo-ravaged new world. Can Rhonda create a new life with her undead love?


RABID HEART is a fresh take on the much loved zombie, post-apocalyptic genre. This book is like walking into a horror movie with a fun-loving, campy spirit at heart. You don’t normally think of the words apocalyptic and fun falling in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what this book does!

The main character of Rhonda was mentally prepared to kill any Cujo that might walk into her life until that Cujo was her presumed dead fiance, Brad. Now that her heart can feel again, Rhonda wants to follow it and will stop at nothing to attempt to build a life with Brad. What she finds is herself on a road-trip leading to several near-death experiences. This road trip is filled with exciting, action-packed moments and a cast of characters you’ll love to hate! RABID HEART is easily one of the most fun books I’ve read lately. The pages are filled with gore and dark humor set at a fast pace to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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