Weekly Reads: April 22nd


And just like that we’ve reached the last full week of April. I remember at the beginning of the month declaring I was more than on top of my reading and now…well it seems there are a gazillion books I need to finish reading or still want to get to. How does this always happen?

img_0733This stack is the last of what I would love to read in April. It’s not small and I’m guessing I’ll be carrying over one book into the beginning of May. What you don’t see here is that I still have 70ish pages left in INSPECTION and about 5 hours left on audio for BEFORE SHE KNEW HIM.

I ended up picking up CARRIE yesterday to read while I was at the gym, as my library had the digital copy available. I’ve seen the original movie several times, so it’s a little strange for me going into a King book knowing so much about the plot. I’m still trying to decide on my thoughts because of this set-up, but I can safely say it was enough to keep me occupied on the treadmill!

I’m hoping to slide in Josh Malerman’s novella, A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE, before the end of the month. This one came along in my April Night Worms package and I’ve heard great things about it.

I’ll also be starting LITTLE DARLINGS soon! This one is a hugely anticipated new release for me and I can’t wait to start! I have a feeling it’ll end up being a weekend binge read for me!

SUCH A PERFECT WIFE is one that I hadn’t heard much about until a fellow bookworm reached out about doing a buddy read with my old reading group. I immediately wanted in and to bring back the joy of reading with these fabulous ladies! I’m going into this week optimistic about the chances of me squeezing it in before the end of the month. If that doesn’t happen it’ll be definitely be my first review for May.

Interested in snagging a copy of any of these books? Check them out here!:

CARRIE: Amazon | Book Depository

A HOUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE: Amazon | Book Depository

LITTLE DARLINGS: Amazon | Book Depository

SUCH A PERFECT WIFE: Amazon | Book Depository

Disclosure: What Jess Reads is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This in no way influences my opinion of the above book.

Disclosure: Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and Harper Books for providing me with free copies in exchange for my honest review!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reads: April 22nd

  1. I’ve also got to get started on Little Darlings but I actually didn’t realize that it was a paranormal thriller… And that’s not usually my jam (I’m way too weak for that)! So I’m working myself up to reading it in the bright sunshine on the beach this weekend and hopefully I can finish it before night falls 😂

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