Book Review: Chase Darkness with Me

04.11.2019 | Audible Studios
Rating: 4/5 stars


Have you ever read a true crime story or watched something a true crime TV show and thought, I could solve that? Do you enjoy trying to spot the clues that may have been overlooked or creating your own suspect list?

Billy Jensen has always been that guy! Jensen has spent the last 15 years investigating unsolved murders and working to bring peace and justice to the victim’s families. You’ve likely heard his name in connection to Michelle McNamara, as Jensen was one of the authors who helped finish writing I’ll Be Gone in the Dark after McNamara’s untimely death. His experience working on the Golden State Killer’s case inspired Jensen to fight hard for answers to unknown crimes. To work in the name of the victims who can’t speak for themselves. Ride along with Jensen as he delves through his past and the cases that have impacted him the most over the years.


If you ever wonder what hobbies I have outside of reading, the answer is you’re likely to find me listening to a true crime podcast or watching a true crime show. I’ve always been fascinated by crime dramas and true crime stories. There is something that just blows my mind about what people are capable of, which is often why I choose to stay in the crime fiction genre for reading. I haven’t read much true crime, but last year I was captivated by I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. I read it after the Golden State Killer was found, which lead to me intensely following the news stories. This is how I first heard about Billy Jensen.

I follow Billy on Instagram and love seeing what he’s up to. I love that he always takes the time to remind his followers about the victims of crimes. For example, there has been a lot of coverage recently regarding Ted Bundy after two Netflix releases. Each time one premieres Billy posts about all of Bundy’s known victims. You can truly feel Jensen’s passion for victim advocating and that’s exactly what lies at the heart of his book, CHASE DARKNESS WITH ME.


Jensen’s book launches with him finding his passion for crime as a young child through his father. His dad was always sharing with Jensen stories from the paper and his past that ignited in Jensen a passion for these cases. I absolutely loved whenever Jensen talked about his father and their relationship. You could just feel how genuine the love was between the two of them and how much of an influence Jensen’s dad had on his life.

Passion is the number one emotion flowing through this entire book. You can feel how honest Jensen is with subjects ranging from his personal life to the crimes he investigates to his relationship with Michelle McNamara to his journalistic process. I love that Jensen shares real details about cases that have impacted his life, be it those that he has helped solve or those that still keep him up at night. He has an unyielding belief that anyone who has an interest in true crime can help in a multitude of ways to catch a killer.

If you have any interest in true crime stories at all, no matter the media, CHASE DARKNESS WITH ME is a great addition to your TBR! For now this book is only available through Amazon’s Audible, but the physical book will be hitting shelves in a few months. I will definitely be picking up a copy to add to my shelves!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon

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