Book Review: I Know Who You Are

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE | Alice Feeney
04.23.2019 | Flatiron Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Aimee Sinclair is a well-known actress who is finally about to hit her career and fame high. She has one of those faces. The kind where you think you know her from somewhere, but can’t place where. It’s now the face gracing the news. Aimee’s husband has gone missing. She came home from set one day to find that he had vanished and taken a sizeable amount of money from their bank account along with him. The couple had a huge fight the night before, but was it really big enough for him to just simply walk away from their marriage?

As the police begin to dig into the couple’s past there are strange details about both husband and wife rising to the surface. Aimee has a history of forgetting things, but it doesn’t make sense to her that the detectives working her husband’s case are saying she’s been place she’s never been or done things she’s never done. Did Aimee play a part in her husband’s disappearance?

I’m starting to think that life is little more than a series of doors; every day we have to choose which ones to open, which to walk through, and which to close behind us, leaving them forever locked.

I was blown away by Alice Feeney’s debut, SOMETIMES I LIE, and immediately set up a pre-order when I heard she had a new book hitting shelves. I saw some mixed reviews coming through for I KNOW WHO YOU ARE…I mean some seriously divided opinions! Don’t believe me…go check out Goodreads! I always get concerned with how I’ll react to a book when I see this starting to happen. I try my best to not read any of the reviews and set my mindset positively before cracking the book open. My verdict for this one? I loved it, but the ending left me with some thoughts!

Feeney, like so many talented crime fiction writers, makes brilliant use of alternating POVs and timelines in I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The reader is introduced first to Aimee Sinclair, an aspiring actress who is has just had her world turned upside down. We are then flashed to the past and introduced to a young girl who has been abducted after wandering away from home. You know that the connection between the two plots is there, but Feeney holds out until the end of the book to have the two collide.

Life is like a game of chess; you just have to play it backwards and work out all the moves you need to make in advance, to get where you need to be.

Hands down my favorite part of this book was the pace. Each section, regardless of who is narrating, leaves the reader wanting more. Feeney practically hands the reader a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. Naturally, you must keep reading, right? I certainly did!

In conjunction with the pace driving the book there is also the story itself to completely hook the reader. Here’s where I think this book loses people, but ended up working for me. First and foremost, you should know this book is dark. It covers a lot of uncomfortable situations, so if you’re not sure that’s something you’re up to reading, I urge you to leave this one on the shelf. If you’re okay with dark, then you must also sign up to accept the unbelievable. Feeney is following no ones rules with this book and if you walk into it knowing that, I think you’ve found your next favorite read!

So, why not 5 stars? Well I checked the boxes with being onboard for dark and unbelievable, but when I hit the ending I was left scratching my head. It just missed the mark for me. Everything was going so strong and then I hit the ending and I felt a bit let down. I wanted more, but perhaps with less crazy? Is that a thing? At the end of the day I can certainly say that Feeney left me shocked and excited to pick up her next book!

Note: I read this as an audiobook. I highly recommend this book in audio format! The narrator, Stephanie Racine, was fantastic! She truly owned the characters and made me love this story!

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