Weekly Reads: June 19th


This month is flying by! I’m feeling pretty good about my reading numbers for this month. Since I was MIA posting on here last week for my weekly TBR, let’s start there!

89127650-4fc6-4f4f-aefd-39edcc1bb11fSo far this week I have posted reviews for both THE BURNING CHAMBERS and THE LAST HOUSE GUEST. These books were released into the wild yesterday and were both four star reads for me. I think THE BURNING CHAMBERS would work for those interested in exploring a lessen talked about time period for historical fiction. THE LAST HOUSE GUEST is easily a top Summer thriller pick for pool and beach days.

I’m on track to finish my audiobook listen of SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD tonight on my commute home from work. Be prepared to read a raving review about this book coming soon!

c78a361c-cb53-41ca-ba13-a03e089f03c9I can’t wait to be able to carry on my time with the Carver and Lake series with book two, THE CUTTING ROOM, which released yesterday! I’m on tour for this book and will be sharing my first impressions early next week. Since this one will be consumed as an audiobook, it’s a bit of a slower pace for sharing early thoughts.

I’m currently making my way through A NEARLY NORMAL FAMILY, which is absolutely wonderful! This book is what I would categorize as a legal thriller. The story is focused a family whose daughter has been accused of murder. The plot is unfolded in three parts: the father, the daughter, and the mother. I just finished up the father’s section and am eagerly anticipating getting into the daughter’s mind.

The June selection for Instagram’s Criminally Good Book Club is BLOOD ORANGE, which has been on my TBR since before it was released. I knew I needed to get my hands on this one when I saw five and four star reviews flowing in. I’m so excited that it was chosen as a book club pick!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

Interested in snagging a copy of any of these books? Check them out here!:

THE BURNING CHAMBERS: Amazon | Book Depository

THE LAST HOUSE GUEST: Amazon | Book Depository

SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD: Amazon | Book Depository

THE CUTTING ROOM: Amazon | Book Depository

A NEARLY NORMAL FAMILY: Amazon | Book Depository

BLOOD ORANGE: Amazon | Book Depository

Disclosure: Thank you to Minotaur Books, Simon & Schuster, William Morrow, and Celadon Books for providing me with free copies in exchange for my honest review!

Disclosure: What Jess Reads is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This in no way influences my opinion of the above book.

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