Weekly Reads: July 10th


Let’s blame the holiday last week for skipping my usual weekly reads post…you know, not the fact that I was really far behind on reviews and my wrap up. Those totally aren’t the reason!

90497c7f-19d8-4a27-b767-edf7decdd36eMy July TBR is monstrous and completely impossible to make happen. As much as I want to read all the books, I have to be honest with myself and realize I won’t have the time.

…unless someone thinks it’s fine to stop adulting and take a staycation for reading…I’m totally open to that!

No? Okay, well then let’s focus on what I’ve read so far this month and what I hope to read this week.

That front stack represents everything I read or started reading last week. I kicked off my reading month with A MODERN FAMILY, which I buddy read with the fabulous Janel AKA Keeper of Pages! I read Stephen King with Janel every month and adore chatting all things books with her! You can check out my review here!

CAGED became my audiobook selection of the month, which was an easy pick since this is the first in Cooper’s Agent Sayer Altair series. I was sent a review copy of book two, BURIED, and since the series is so new I had to read book one first! I really loved this book! I always enjoy books or TV shows that focus on FBI procedurals and this one gave me major Criminal Minds vibes, which is a longtime favorite show for me. I’ll be sharing my full review later this week!

edf0da56-4f48-41c5-b4df-c70c49fa33c0In addition to kicking off the month with these two titles, I also started reading ‘SALEM’S LOT. This book is everything I love about King! I am getting major NEEDFUL THINGS vibes, which if you read my review, you know I adored! Our game plan is to wrap up the book this weekend and then spend next week enjoying the extra stories included at the end. I have another edition, not pictured here, which I lucked out owning because my gorgeous hardback doesn’t have any bonus material.

I also wrapped up the weekend reading MURDERABILIA, which was a thrilling, fast-paced exploration of what life would be like with a serial killer as a parent. To make matters worse, our main character is also being framed for committing a crime eerily similar to those of his father. This book was everything I want in a serial killer novel! You can check out my review here!

img_1667Now that I’ve spent enough time recapping last week…what am I reading this week?

Well I kicked off the week by diving into GRETCHEN by Shannon Kirk. If you remember last year I couldn’t say enough good things about Kirk’s IN THE VINES, which earned a spot on my favorite books of 2018 list! So far, I’m about 30% into GRETCHEN and completely captivated! I need to know all the things!

Since the audio for CAGED was fairly short, I was able to wrap it up last week and kick off this week with GIRLS LIKE US. Cristina Alger is another author who I absolutely loved last year. If you haven’t read THE BANKER’S WIFE, I highly recommend picking that one up! I’m loving the audio for GIRLS LIKE US and anticipate I’ll be recommending this one with just as much enthusiasm!

This weekend I’ve got zero plans, so I’m hoping to get a decent chunk of BURIED read, as well as wrap up ‘SALEM’S LOT. I think these two will balance each other well. I’m hoping that BURIED lives up to the thrilling, dark read that CAGED was! I feel fairly confident since I’ve been sneaking in bits of ‘SALEM’S LOT after work this week that the ending is going to be great!

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these titles?

Interested in snagging a copy of any of these books? Check them out here!:

A MODERN FAMILY: Amazon | Book Depository

MUDERABILIA: Amazon | Book Depository

CAGED: Amazon | Book Depository

‘SALEM’S LOT: Amazon | Book Depository

GRETCHEN: Amazon | Book Depository

GIRLS LIKE US: Amazon | Book Depository

BURIED: Amazon | Book Depository

Disclosure: Thank you to Orenda Books, JKS Communications, Midnight Ink, Shannon Kirk, Amazon Publishing, Get Red PR, Putnam Books, and Minotaur Books for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!

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