Book Review: I Know Everything

I KNOW EVERYTHING | Matthew Farrell
08.06.2019 | Thomas & Mercer
Rating: 4/5 stars


Police investigator, Susan Adler, is investigating a deadly car accident. Everything about the case looks like it was accidental, but as the medical examiner takes over it becomes clear that this was actually a murder. The victim was was the wealthy wife of Randall Brock, a local psychiatrist working to treat patients with brutal, disturbing instincts. The husband is always a suspect and in this case Randall is working his way into the slot of suspect number one.

Randall Brock knows he’s a suspect and should be honest with the police about his past, but there are some secrets he’s simply not willing to share. When he receives a visit from a stranger with information about his wife’s death, Randall is forced to confront the reality that their marriage wasn’t what he thought. There’s a price for this stranger to give Randall information. He must be willing to reveal dark secrets he’s kept hidden for years to this mysterious man. Secrets that could cost him everything.


Last year I read and enjoyed Farrell’s WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, so when I heard he was releasing a new book I knew I needed it on my radar. It’s always interesting to see what an author will come up with for their sophomore release, especially coming off of a solid debut. I was not disappointed with I KNOW EVERYTHING! Farrell was back with his easy-to-read style that hooks the reader on the storyline. I love that Farrell stuck with shorter chapters and played another successful game of deception with the reader.

I KNOW EVERYTHING focuses on Randall Brock, who has just lost his wife in a tragic car accident. He seems like everything a grieving husband should be on the surface, but investigator Susan Adler isn’t willing to accept things at face value. The cat and mouse type game between the two works to draw the reader into the story. Farrell wisely chooses to alternate the narratives between the two characters, which allows the reader to firsthand experience what Randall is going through, as well as ride along with the investigation.


The premise of this story seems obvious, but trust me when I say there is a lot more complexity to this book than what is shown at face value. I was able to guess one of the major twists to the story, however, it wasn’t the full answer to what happened to Randall’s wife. The truth was much more complex than I was expecting! It’s always rewarding to be able to guess something, but it’s also a great feeling to know the author completely deceived you. This book is the best of both worlds.

I KNOW EVERYTHING is perfect for readers looking for a crime fiction story that will keep them guessing. Be prepared to fall for red herrings and formulate conclusions that will ultimately be wrong!

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