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CAGE | Lilja Sigurdardottir
(Reykjavik Noir Trilogy #3)
10.17.2019 | Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Agla finds herself locked away behind prison bars where she faces the consequences for a banking scandal. Her lover Sonja stood by her throughout much of her struggles, but now she has left Agla and won’t be there waiting for her once her sentence is complete. Agla looks for ways to fill the void left behind by Sonja and soon finds herself deep into an investigation of the aluminum industry that has the potential for a scandal to span Iceland and around the world.

Sonja thought her time in Iceland was finished, as she slipped away to face her new role as a drug lord based in London. Working to keep her head above water and her family safe, Sonja finds that danger is once again knocking at her door. It is time to head back to Iceland. Will she be able to face all that she has left behind or will she find her enemies have grown too large?

Somehow she had become the animal in the zoo that dared not leave its cage for fear of looking freedom in the eye.

Lilja Sigurdardottir has given readers the perfect ending to an exhilarating trilogy with the breathtaking final installment, CAGE. Listen carefully and follow these instructions: Clear you schedules for a day or two. Pick up the first two books if you haven’t read them yet. Prepare to be swept away to Iceland’s underground drug world.

The first two books in this series were led by Sonja with alternating stories concerning those closest to her. This time around Sonja is in the background and we watch as those she has left behind piece their lives together. I wasn’t expecting so much of this book to focus on Agla and Maria, but after finishing the book, I can’t imagine the story told any other way. These are the stories you didn’t know you needed to complete a wonderful trilogy!

Life was like a game. Even with a handful of bad cards, it’s better to be the one calling trumps.

Sigurdardottir is back again with fast, snappy chapters that alternate between a handful of narrators. It takes a bit to settle into the direction of Anton and Maria’s stories, but Agla’s instantly sweeps the reader up. Her story is raw and emotional. This is the tale of a woman scorned, not only by her former business partners, but also by her former lover. Getting inside Agla’s mind is exciting, as she brings a level of ingenious plotting that the reader won’t see until it’s being explained and neither will those caught in her schemes! The level of danger brought to the reader with Agla’s narrative is enough to keep you glued to the pages, flipping for answers!

This trilogy has been one of my favorites to read, not because there is one great story within the pages of these books, but because there are several amazing stories! Sigurdardottir does not simply give readers the story of Sonja, but the stories of those she touches in life. Each of the these other narrative voices comes to find a special spot in the reader’s heart and at the end I was left with one of the most satisfying endings I have recently read.

This trilogy is absolutely perfect for readers looking to dip their toes into the Nordic Noir genre, but are worried that all they’ll find are police procedurals. These books beg to be read in order, so while you must add CAGE to your TBR, you’ll also need to fill your cart with SNARE and TRAP! These are excellent, binge-worthy books which will keep you up late into the night lost in Iceland’s seedy underground drug world.

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