Book Review: Halloween Fiend

02.16.2019 | Grindhouse Press
Rating: 4/5 stars


This is the story of Strang, a small, isolated town. On the outside it looks like any other town of similar size, however, once night strikes there is one noticeable difference. The residents can be spotted leaving small animals in cages outside their doors. These offerings are left to appease the creature known as Halloween. Every night Halloween appears to collect his treats. If you don’t leave a treat, be prepared to endure one of Halloween’s tricks.


In this story, the reader is visiting Strang during the most important time of the year. In the days leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, the residents work to put together a Fall Festival for the town. What appears to be a fun event is a disguise for what happens on the night of All Hallow’s Eve. This is the night that the town is responsible for giving Halloween the biggest treat of all.


Hunt chooses to tell the story of Strang and Halloween through the eyes of Barry, a resident who has managed to draw the attention of Halloween. We learn the rituals associated with this creature, the town’s feelings, and the history of the ritual on All Hallow’s Eve from Barry. The character of Barry is broken man who holds nothing back, which truly allows the story to impact the reader. His feelings are raw and emotional, while also logical in the perception of what the residents are willing to do in order to keep Halloween happy. I loved everything about this novella and highly recommend it as an October read to get anyone in the spooky spirit!

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