Book Review: The Perfect Girlfriend

03.26.2019 | Graydon House
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Juliette loves Nate. She would do anything to be with him. Change her career to be closer to him. Stop in to feed his fish while he is away. Explain to Nate why other girls are simply not good enough for him. Nate is Juliette’s one and only true love. They will be together no matter what.

They say if you love something you should let it go and if it’s meant to be it will come back to you. When Nate broke up with Juliette she was floored, but living by this mentality she is sure that Nate will be back in her loving arms any day now. He just needs a little nudge here and there. Juliette has a plan. She will show Nate that she is the perfect girlfriend and that they are meant to be together.


How far would you go to win someone back? I’m betting that Juliette will go further. This is the ultimate tale of stalking with the intention of winning back the person you love. Juliette is blinded by her feelings for Nate and can’t fathom why he doesn’t feel the same. She knows deep down that he must and just needs her to show him the way back together. Juliette’s path is nothing short of devious and entertaining. I absolutely loved reading this book asking myself what Juliette would do next and if my wildest predictions were too extreme. Spoiler alert: they weren’t!

The character of Juliette is one with many layers. Certainly on the surface we see a woman with obsessive characteristics who is unwilling to accept her reality. Juliette is delusional to say the least about her life with Nate. She is meticulous and cunning in her plotting to win him back. At the core there is something more, which the reader discovers as they get further into the story. There is a reason behind Juliette’s madness and a history that fuels her actions. I love that Hamilton gave these additional layers to Juliette as they provided reasons for her actions. Juliette is not simply a “crazy” character, but someone with depth.


The pace of THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND is delightfully quick. The reader is on the edge of their seat with a will she or won’t she mentality as they watch Juliette’s plans come to life. I was mesmerized and captivated and truly wanted more with each page. The chapters are short and each one seems to end with the perfect cliffhanger to encourage the reader to consume just one more chapter. I certainly found myself up well past my bedtime frantically making my way through this book.

My only issue with this book is the ending. I wanted something a bit more. There was this epic scene and then before I knew it, the story was done. While I love an open-ended finale to a book, I simply would have liked something with a bit more pizzazz to match the meat of the story. In a book filled with an over-the-top plot the end just didn’t mesh.

THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND is one of those books that I think were made for my reading tastes! There is heart pounding action, a disturbing storyline, and stalking at its finest. This book belongs on the TBR of every thriller/suspense/crime fiction lover!

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