Book Review: Rupture

RUPTURE | Ragnar Jonasson
(Dark Iceland #4)
01.15.2017 | Orenda
Rating: 4/5 stars


In 1955 two young couples move to the secluded fjord of Hedinsfjordur. This area is uninhabited except for them. Their stay ends abruptly when one of the women dies in a manner that seems to be suicide. Those closest believe these suicidal feelings must have come about from the pressure of being isolated from the rest of the country. With inconclusive evidence the case is left unsolved. Fifty years have passed when a photograph comes to the surface. There is an unknown person with the couples. Were they not actually alone after all?

Ari Thor, a police officer working in nearby Siglufjordur has been asked to finally solve this cold case. Assisted by local news reporter, Isrun, the duo will work to find not only the identity of the mystery man, but also the truth. Complicating their investigation is a chilling case of a missing child, a quarantine of Siglufjordur, and a town full of secrets. Are something better left buried in the past?


RUPTURE is the fourth book in Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series and it picks up not long after the events of the previous novel. We find our main character, Ari Thor, continuing to work as a policeman in Siglufjordur. His caseload has come to a halt, as the town has been placed under quarantine under the threat of a deadly illness that was recently brought to their town. This gives Ari Thor the perfect opportunity to investigate a cold case one of the town residents recently brought to his attention.

The reader is given alternating storylines with the mysterious cold case Ari Thor is investigating, as well as what is happening in the life of local reporter, Isrun, who has been enlisted to help with solving this death. Isrun is juggling not only Ari Thor’s case, but also a hit and run and a child abduction in Reykjavik that could be connected. Each of these cases are incredibly detailed, which lure the reader into becoming invested in the outcomes. Once you’re hooked, you have to keep reading so that you’ll know the answers. Jonasson aides this addiction for the reader by keeping the chapters short and easy to binge read.


Jonasson is one of my favorite atmospheric writers! He has this incredible ability to transport the reader to Iceland and experience not only the events of the story, but the impact that the country has on these events. That can range from the location, which in this case is an extremely isolated fjord, or the weather. With RUPTURE Jonasson adds another element to these feelings by putting the town under quarantine, which builds a sense of isolation and paranoia when Ari Thor is out investigating.

This series is perfect for readers who enjoy classic mysteries with an unbeatable atmospheric quality. I have grown to love Ari Thor with this series and always look forward to what his next case will bring!

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