Book Review: Elevation

ELEVATION | Stephen King
10.30.2018 | Scribner
Rating: 4/5 stars


Scott Carey looks like an average man on the outside. What people can’t see is that he has a few odd things happening to him recently, starting with steadily losing weight. Scott hasn’t changed his lifestyle or his eating habits. He looks exactly the same as he always has, but when he steps on the scale, no matter what the number decreases. He weighs the same with or without clothes, no matter how heavy they might be. Despite avidly avoiding the doctor, Scott has realized the time has come to involve one, so he turns to Doctor Bob Ellis.

Castle Rock is a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Scott has seen it first had with the hateful treatment of a married lesbian couple that have recently moved in next and opened a restuarant. Scott doesn’t want his business out there and he also doesn’t want to be involved in anyone else’s drama, yet here he is feuding with his neighbors. Their dogs are doing their business in Scott’s yard and the neighbors are ignoring it. Scott wants to find a way to mend their relationship. Scott will use his recent affliction to not only help himself, but try to help those around him.

Everyone should have this, he thought, and perhaps, at the end, everyone does. Perhaps in their time of dying, everyone rises.

There are so many mixed reviews for this book! When a book is barely breaking 100 pages and yet able to cause such strong opinions, I can’t help but want to find out where I’ll land. At the end of ELEVATION I found that I enjoyed this story for everything that it was meant to be.

ELEVATION focuses around Scott Carey and his strange new affliction. The weight loss Scott is experiencing isn’t stopping and the lighter he gets the more issues he will face. Up until now he has been living a largely solitary life following his divorce. Now is the time that he needs people and that’s what’s at the heart of ELEVATION. This isn’t a story about Scott’s scary medical issue or a horror book, but the story of friendship. This is about Scott learning to embrace those around him and teaching others through his actions that unlikely friendships are not impossible.


I think when people hear Stephen King they automatically assume that a book will be in the horror genre. Nothing frustrates me more. King is an author of many dimensions and simply because a book is written by him, does not qualify it as horror. I’m looking at you Goodreads voters who ranked this one as the top horror book of 2018…

Is this King’s best book? Certainly not, but I think it’s worth examining on it’s own, not comparing it to other works, and simply embracing this novella for what it is. Do I think there are some stereotypes that can be seen as cringe-worthy by readers? Yes, I hear you, but I didn’t read those things as the targeted message that King was trying to achieve. The best part about books is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so instead of shying away, borrow this one from the library and discover if you love it or hate it!

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