Book Review: Good Girls Lie

12.30.2019 | MIRA
Rating: 5/5 stars


The Goode School is an all-girls prestigious prep school tucked away atop a hill in the tiny town of Marchburg, Virginia. This exclusive boarding school is home to the daughters of the elite and influential. It is the place where these brilliant girls prepare for their futures at Ivy League colleges. Within the walls of the Goode School are long-held traditions, secret societies, and an intense honor code.

This year is different for the girls at Goode. There is a stranger, a misfit, amongst them. Ashlyn Carr was recently orphaned when both of her parents died suddenly. Hailing from England, she is not only out of her element among a group of intense girls, but also experiencing a cultural shift. Ash struggles to find her place at her knew home while juggling to keep several secrets close to her chest. She should be focused on making friends, but as girls start to die, Ash is more concerned with focusing on staying alive. 


J.T. Ellison’s latest, GOOD GIRLS LIE, hits the ground running by dropping the reader into the discovery of a dead body. It appears one of the girls has been murdered, but no one knows why or who could have committed this crime. In order to find out the answers, Ellison takes the reader back in time to where it all started. The arrival of Ashlyn Carr at the Goode School. I absolutely love when authors give their readers a peek into the events to come and then immediate shift the timeline backwards. For me, this always sets me on edge. I’m constantly looking for clues and hints that might lead to this event.

Not only does Ellison give the readers tension immediately upon starting this story, she also dishes up a decent amount of confusion. As the title implies, get ready for a lot of lies! It’s hard to tell who is telling the truth throughout this book, including our main character Ash. It’s not a traditional unreliable narrator situation, but more so one where you know there are secrets within the character that they must guard by altering the way they act and the persona they put forward. It was a lot of fun hearing all of the lies from each character and trying to parse out the truth. 


If it’s not enough to draw you in with all of the tension and lies, Ellison also gives the reader short and fast-paced chapters. I instantly found myself binging sections of this book trying to find answers or wanting to know how an event was going to play out. Up until the very end I was losing my mind wondering how far things would go. Sure, you know a murder is coming, but hold on because there is so much more! GOOD GIRLS LIE is the perfect book for anyone looking for an entertaining, suspense-filled read!

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A huge thank you to MIRA for sending me a free copy of this book!

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