Book Review: Dead to Her

DEAD TO HER | Sarah Pinborough
02.11.2020 | William Morrow
Rating: 5/5 stars


Marcie Maddox has worked hard to live the life of luxury currently surrounding her in Savannah. Thanks to an illicit affair that eventually became a marriage and a fresh start to her current life, Marcie has everything she’s ever wanted. The only issue is all the country clubs, yachts, and mansions can’t keep love alive. Marcie’s husband, Jason, seems to be slipping away from her.

When Jason’s boss returns from an extended stay in London with a young new wife on his arm, tensions start to rise. Jason seems to let his eyes linger a little too long on the newly minted Mrs. William Radford IV. Marcie instantly dislikes Keisha for the spark she can feel between her and Jason. Once a cheat, always a cheat, or so they say. Marcie is prepared to fight to keep the life she has and will stop at nothing to clear others out of her way.


Sarah Pinborough just knocked it out of the park with DEAD TO HER! This book was everything I look for in a domestic thriller. There’s tension, suspicion, secrets, and lies all over the place in this book. The challenge is to find out where the truth is hidden. 

DEAD TO HER is broken down into four parts, with each one containing short, easy to binge chapters. Pinborough utilizes this structure to lure the reader into the mindset of reading just one more chapter. They’re so short that it’ll only take a few minutes and then you can go to bed, right? Wrong. Pinborough leaves subtle hints to what is to come at the end of each chapter that continually pushes the progression of the story and the interest of the reader forward. If hooking the reader with these short chapters isn’t enough, Pinborough also leaves a bombshell of a reveal at the end of each part of the novel. Who can go to bed or put a book down when something major has just been revealed? Not me!


One of my favorite elements to this book was the setting in wealthy and elite Savannah, Georgia. Exclusivity and wealth drip from this book. It can be found in the character’s attitudes, the descriptions of their lives, the insane parties, and the motivations behind the actions of the main characters. I would label Marcie as the best example of this element. As the predominant narrator, Marcie walks the reader through her daily life and her struggles as a second wife to earn her place with the elite. The reader gains perspective into Marcie’s mindset, as well as those around her as she molds her personality and actions to fit into this group.

I’ve noticed a lot of divisive opinions on this book through various reviews. For me personally, I have both loved and hated Pinborough’s writing in her previous works. She stole my heart with BEHIND HER EYES and then stomped all over my love with CROSS HER HEART. This book was a total redemption, but with that being said, I think overall Pinborough’s work generally causes split opinions. Her books challenge the reader to be open minded to some wild ideas that not everyone is going to love in their books. For me personally, I love a crazy story and I’m happy to suspend my belief if it works with the story. At no point during DEAD TO HER did I feel that Pinborough’s story got out of the spectrum of possibilities. This book is a deliciously fun ride with some seriously crazy people at the helm! Do yourself a favor and read this one!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow for my free copy of this book!

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