Blog Tour: Mexico Street

MEXICO STREET | Simone Buchholz
(Chas Riley #8)
03.05.2020 | Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Each night across the city of Hamburg cars are being set on fire with no pattern, no explanation, and no suspect. One night, on Mexico Street, police find much more than just a burning car. In a ghetto of high-rises a Fiat sits burning with a man inside.

The body of Nouri Saroukhan, a prodigal son of the Bremen clan, is discovered inside this car with all signs pointing to homicide. The case falls in the lap of public prosecutor Chastity Riley, who is willing to dive into investigating the criminal underground which populates Germany. It seems Nouri’s background isn’t as clean as Riley first thought. Details start to come out about an illicit relationship with a mysterious Aliza who may just hold the key to what happened to Nouri.


MEXICO STREET is the latest installment in Simone Buchholz’s Chas Riley series, which follows the title prosecutor as she investigates dangerous and violent crimes occurring throughout Germany. Chas Riley is instantly one of those characters that readers are intrigued by and want to read more about. She has many layers to her personal life, which are explained throughout the series and weigh into how she works the cases she has been assigned. She’s blunt, no-holds-barred, and strong-willed. Chas is also completely eccentric and plays by her own rules, which adds so much fun to these books! Basically, what I’m saying is: Chas Riley is an amazing female lead that readers need in their lives!

This is my third read from Simone Buchholz and she never fails to keep me on her toes with her writing! These books are on the shorter side, but pack an incredible punch. There is always a captivating case at the core of the book. I mean who hears car fires and isn’t interested? Throw in a seedy criminal underground and how can anyone say no? These two elements are enough to immediately get me to pick this title up, but the further you dig into the book, the more the characters become what drives you to keep reading. Buchholz doesn’t just provide readers with a great main character, but an assembly of secondary characters that truly bring the story to life. 


MEXICO STREET is certainly not your standard piece of crime fiction. This is a quirky and entertaining story that adds a dose of light-hearted humor to ease the brutality of the story. Buchholz has created an absolutely credibly addictive series and MEXICO STREET is an excellent addition! Do yourself a huge favor and pick this one up, as well as the previous two books (BLUE NIGHT and BATON ROGUE) today!

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This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to Orenda Books for my free copy of this book!

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