Book Review: Horrorstor

HORRORSTÖR | Grady Hendrix
09.23.2014 | Quirk
5/5 stars


Strange things have started happening at the Cleveland, Ohio location of Orsk. Every morning the opening employees arrive to find broken, damaged, or shattered items. Security cameras don’t show anything happening overnight or anyone on the premise. The store manager is starting to panic, as sales are also decreasing. To get to the bottom of these strange occurrences, three employees will work a nine-hour overnight shift to patrol the showroom floor. Welcome to the haunted house story you never knew you needed!


HORRORSTÖR is my third read by Grady Hendrix and just like the previous books I’ve read by him, this one was love within the first few pages! Starting with the overall look of an IKEA catalog, the reader opens the pages of this book to experience something weird and yet familiar, complete with illustrations and a map of the Orsk showroom. I love that so much detail was put into this book to make everything feel like a complete package.


The basis for HORRORSTÖR involves a story that mirrors IKEA and a series of strange events happening in the overnight hours when all of the employees have gone home. The three employees who end up spending the night to investigate are completely dissimilar and yet they feed off of each other as they investigate the store. I loved getting to know our main character, Amy, as well as the store manager, Basil. I found their interactions to add the most to the story, however, there are a few secondary characters that also come into the mix. 


I wasn’t expecting to find HORRORSTÖR as creepy as I did! The story was absolutely fascinating and had a great claustrophobic element to it, as the characters are trapped inside of the Orsk store. While a haunted store is certainly an unsettling location for a story, the background for the haunting gives a fully realized concept that makes it even more interesting. With so much creepy, is there room for humor? Most definitely! I love that Hendrix always includes his signature brand of humor to make his stories equal parts creepy and entertaining!

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