Book Review: The Golden Cage

THE GOLDEN CAGE | Camilla Läckberg
07.07.2020 | Knopf Publishing Group
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Faye Adelheim has loved Jack since the moment she met him at business school. Jack is the quintessential golden boy who grew up wealthy, unlike Faye who has worked hard over the years to keep her past buried. Faye helped Jack become the man he is today. She came up with the concept and business plan for Jack’s now booming company. Faye never once put herself first when it came to helping Jack. Now that they are living the wealthy, high life with a huge home and a baby girl, Faye thinks she has everything she could ever want. Is she only blinded by her love? Jack is certainly not the man Faye thinks he is and her discovery of his affair will crack the perfect life she thought she was leading down the middle. Jack shouldn’t underestimate Faye. She’s a woman who will fight against those who have hurt her and Jack has now entered her crosshairs. 

This is my first book from Läckberg despite owning some of her earlier books and all I can say is I’m a fool for not having read those books already! THE GOLDEN CAGE is a thriller that stands apart from the crowd with it’s sexy, revenge-fueled plot. This is the thriller that stands for women and getting what we are owed! Camilla Läckberg just found a massive fan in me!


THE GOLDEN CAGE centers around our main character of Faye Adelheim who we meet in her present, swanky life with Jack. I immediately was annoyed that Faye didn’t see what was happening with Jack and his constant verbal abuse. Läckberg smartly weaves in glimpses from Faye’s past to help soothe these issues by showing the reader where Faye came from and how she met Jack. This inclusion of the past truly set the stage for how Faye was able to be so easily manipulated by Jack’s cunning ways. If you’re worried this is the only Faye we will see, then don’t be! Faye is about to feel the same way you do about Jack and you only have to wait until part two for the real fun to begin!

Läckberg wisely uses short chapters to drive her story forward and build an air of tension and suspense around not only Faye’s current life, but her past as well. What we see from Faye’s past in the first part of the book is not the only thing we will learn. It seems there are a lot of secrets to discover in this book! There are secrets about Faye, Jack, and those closest to them that all come unraveled as the book builds to a fantastic ending.

One of the things I wasn’t expecting from THE GOLDEN CAGE was that the story would be so steamy! I’m not a romance reader and I generally shy away from any inclusion or hit of that in my crime fiction reads, but Läckberg proved to me that it can truly work!

I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read more from Läckberg soon!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you to Knopf for my gifted copy!

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