Book Review: His & Hers

HIS & HERS | Alice Feeney
07.28.2020 | Flatiron Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


“There are at least two sides to every story:⁣ Yours and mine. ⁣Ours and theirs. ⁣His and hers. ⁣Which means someone is always lying.”⁣

Anna Andrews has finally gotten to where she wants to be in her career, only to have her lead news anchor position pulled out from under her feet. She’s willing to do anything to prove that she was made for that position. Anna takes a story of a mysterious murder in her small hometown of Blackdown thinking she can quickly cover it and get back to the grind at her office. What she finds is something much more. When the victim is revealed to be one of her childhood friends and her ex-husband, Jack, is placed as lead detective on the case, Anna knows she can’t leave. Jack and Anna both have secrets they want to keep from the world, but can they do that while hunting a killer?


Alice Feeney has crafted a deliciously fun thriller with HIS & HERS! This is a story of murder, secrets, and trust that takes the reader for an electric roller coaster ride to the identity of a killer. I first fell in love with Feeney’s writing and unique storytelling when I picked up SOMETIMES I LIE and then solidified my obsession with her books after reading I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 

HIS & HERS is laid out in alternating narratives between Anna, Jack, and our killer. These chapters are kept short and often have a cliffhanger ending that propels the reader forward into the story. I love the way alternating narratives can drive my reading into a frenzied pace, as I try to get all the answers from every side. Feeney expertly gives the reader a taste of the killer’s thoughts sporadically between Anna and Jack providing the main bones of the story. 


Unreliable narrators are something that authors in the crime fiction arena often use to cause the reader confusion in their books. There are well known stereotypes associated with these characters that cause readers to frown upon their overuse. Feeney gives readers not simply one unreliable narrator, but an entire cast of characters who seem to be telling half truths. I honestly suspected every single character of being the murderer during this book. There are so many instances where red herrings are expertly placed to make the reader second guess those they have come to trust. I loved that Feeney chose to make her grand reveal subtle instead of over the top. I loved every bit of it!

This is a hard book to talk about in detail without the possibility of giving away key plot points, so I’ll leave it with this…put this book on your TBR! This story was incredibly entertaining and a perfect escape read!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you to Flatiron for my gifted copy!

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