Book Review: We Are All the Same in the Dark

08.11.2020 | Ballantine Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


An abandoned girl found on the side of the road in a circle of dandelions brings to surface a Texas town’s cold case. It has been a decade since Trumanell Branson disappeared, leaving only a bloody handprint behind. The town has never stopped mourning their beloved homecoming queen or believing that her brother, Wyatt, is the one who took her life. When Wyatt finds this young girl on the  side of the road it is up to the town’s youngest cop, Odette, to protect both of them. Odette has never stopped trying to find out what happened to Trumanell and now she has decided to solve the mystery of this unknown girl at any cost. This town isn’t one to take digging into their secrets lightly and Odette may just be in over her head.


After absolutely loving Julia Haeberlin’s book PAPER GHOSTS I could not wait to pick up a copy of her latest, WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE DARK. Haeberlin is back with another heart-pumping and suspenseful story that you’re definitely going to want on your TBR!

Haeberlin has crafted a brilliant work of crime fiction that has a true crime feel to it with the unsolved, decade old case of Trumanell. I loved that this unsolved mystery played such a vital role in the current, present day story. It’s what drives Odette forward in life and what makes her into a great cop. Finding out her connections to the case, which have led to what some might call an obsession, was truly fascinating to read about. 


My favorite element of this book is that Haeberlin has gifted the reader with a cast of amazingly strong female characters. We have women who are living their lives to the fullest despite physical challenges, terrifying childhood traumas, and the sense of being an underdog. These are women to look up to as role models and seeing them fighting for what they believe is right was truly refreshing in the crime fiction genre. 

This is one of those books I struggle to talk too much in detail about the plot because I think it’s important to go in as blind as possible. Haeberlin has a lot of great twists that I certainly did not see coming. They’re not over-the-top twists. They work perfectly and seamlessly with the story to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

If you’re looking for a book you won’t be able to put down, snag a copy of this one today!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you Ballantine Books for my gifted copy!

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