Blog Tour: A Song of Isolation

A SONG OF ISOLATION | Michael J. Malone
09.17.2020 | Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Movie star, Amelie Hart, was a silver screen darling until she was held captive in her home and decided to step away from the limelight. Now living in a remote part of Scotland, Amelie has finally started to rebuild her life. Everything shifts and crumbles the day the police arrive at her home. They are there for her boyfriend, Dave, who has been accused of molesting their eleven-year-old neighbor, Damaris. Dave firmly denies having done anything untoward with Damaris, but the court finds differently. Amelie is torn between her love for Dave, her belief in his innocence, and her desire to escape the media witch hunt that has become her life. What really happened between Dave and Damaris?

A SONG OF ISOLATION brilliantly examines a heartbreaking and brutal scenario of a young girl’s accusations of abuse against her neighbor. This is the story of the impact and consequences of a man fighting for his innocence and a young girl trying to understand the very adult world she finds herself living in. 


Malone has smartly chosen to alternate narratives within A SONG OF ISOLATION predominantly between Dave and Amelie, while also giving the reader some insight into Damaris’ experience. Each of the narratives stands on it’s own as an emotional portrait of how tragic events can impact a person’s life. I was heartbroken for each of our main characters at at least one point while reading this book. Malone truly portrays them in such detail and realism that the reader can’t help but bond with the characters. Woven in each of these narratives are also strong secondary characters who help fully round out the story as a whole.

Going into this book I didn’t realize that Malone would move the story through different sections of time. I was under the impression that it would center in one time period around the accusation and resulting trial. What I found was something that allowed for so much more depth than simply stopping after the trial would have given the reader. I loved that we were able to see how over the years this event never fades from our characters’ present day lives and the impact that it continues to have on them.

A SONG OF ISOLATION is equal part thriller mixed with intense psychological examination of the impact horrendous events can have on people. This book is perfect for fans of crime fiction looking for something with a noir vibe. The subject matter may be dark, but this book is full of heart and love as well.

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This book is available to buy from: Amazon | Book Depository

A huge thank you to Orenda books for my gifted copy!

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