Blog Tour: The Seven Doors

THE SEVEN DOORS | Agnes Ravatn
09.17.2020 | Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5 stars


Nina’s life has hit a crossroads. Her beloved childhood home is about to be demolished, she hardly sees her doctor husband, her career no longer feels rewarding, and her relationship with her daughter has grown rocky. While deciding what to do about her home, Nina realizes that a house her husband had inherited many years ago is being leased to a young single mother. Nina and her daughter decide to visit the house and learn shortly after that the woman has gone missing, leaving her son behind. Nina cannot hide her curiosity and before she knows it she has launched an investigation of her own. What Nina starts to find unsettles her and leaves her with more questions than answers.


Agnes Ravatn has created a nod to the golden days of noir with THE SEVEN DOORS. This is a story that is subtly captivating, while shying away from being in your face. The action and mystery persist throughout the story in an extremely natural flow that allows the reader to be transported straight into Nina’s investigation. 

One of the elements that makes THE SEVEN DOORS such a compelling read is our main character, Nina. She is a woman who clearly has quite a few things happening in her life that have made her feel restless. Like anyone who has felt this way, Nina has chosen to hone her attention on this case of the missing tenant. I loved how fixated Nina became on finding this woman. It felt completely natural that her interests would be sparked. Who wouldn’t be intrigued if someone they met disappeared days later? Would you launch an investigation? Would you dig deeper?


THE SEVEN DOORS is written in a way that harnesses the sense of intrigue and suspense without the reader even realizing it is happening. Before you know it you’re just as invested as Nina in finding out what has happened. As she digs deeper there are more and more secrets that come to the surface and with each new revelation more questions come to mind. I had a lot of guesses about what was going on along the way, but Ravatn truly kept me on my toes despite ultimately predicting the truth. I loved the way the ending transpired and was shocked by the way Ravatn chose to unpack everything once I hit the very last page.

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A huge thank you to Orenda Books for my gifted copy!

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