Book Review: The Circle

THE CIRCLE | Stephen J. Galgon
08.15.2019 | MJE Publishing
Rating: 4/5 stars


What if you could have all the money you ever wanted? What if you could have the power to control law enforcement, politicians, and the judicial system? What would you be willing to give up? Those who are part of The Circle have made these desires a reality. All you have to do to be a member is be willing to kill someone…before they kill you. Douglas Goodwin isn’t rich or powerful. He’s an average guy with an average life. When he finds himself among The Circle and held within their grasp he must decide if he’s willing to submit to this new lifestyle or find a way to escape.


THE CIRCLE is a story revolving around a murderous secret society of serial killers. They’re a group of individuals who live life to the fullest despite constantly living through a game of cat and mouse. This story is absolutely mesmerizing and feels ripped from the big screen!

Immediately when I started reading THE CIRCLE I got huge John Wick vibes as the reader was introduced to various members of this secret society along with Doug. I loved the special touches to each member, such as their nicknames, which set them apart from simply being ordinary secondary characters and made them integral to the story as a whole. Galgon wisely chooses to sprinkle in backstory for how several members of the society ended up here, which was fun to compare with Doug’s own path. I loved that this story, while certainly focused on Doug, allowed the reader to experience the society as a whole.


Our main character, Doug, exudes a genuinely kind personality. This is the guy you want in your corner, the guy you want as your best friend. How could he possibly sign up to be a member of The Circle? The story progresses as Doug finds himself deeper and deeper within the society and along with that progress we see Doug’s personality and outlook on life start to shift. I really enjoyed how Galgon wrote Doug’s character and I found it easy to bond with him and cheer him on along the way. It was fascinating to see how Doug reacted to various situations he found himself in and to then compare with what I would have done if I was in his shoes.

THE CIRCLE is an excellent example of what a binge read should be. This book is perfect for fans of high intensity and fast paced stories. Lovers of thrillers and crime fiction are in store for something unique with THE CIRCLE. If this book isn’t already on your radar, you must add it to your list!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon

A huge thank you to Stephen Galgon for sending me a gifted copy!

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