Book Review: Camp Slaughter

08.2019 | Independently Published
Rating: 4/5 stars


Local legend surrounds Camp Slaughter, an abandoned former camp located deep in the Pennsylvania woods. It is believed that a cannibal calls the land home, stealing those who come to visit and claiming them as victims. There have been multiple people who have stayed nearby only to never be seen again. A group of college kids set on having the best start to summer aren’t worried about local legends, but what is waiting for them in the woods is a dark truth none of them expected.


I knew when I opened the pages of CAMP SLAUGHTER I was in for a gory ride straight into a story that felt ripped from the big screen. This book is everything you want in a campy horror story: a group of aimless college kids, a cannibalistic murderer, and a whole lot of screaming “No don’t do that!”

If you’re a fan of horror books/movies in the slasher subgenre, then snag yourself a copy of CAMP SLAUGHTER as soon as possible! This is a fun, creepy, and wildly unsettling story filled with a well done plotline and backstory for our bad guy. I was pretty proud of myself for guessing the final girl, which is always my main goal when watching horror movies. The afterword gives a hint that there might be more Varias Caras tales in the future and to that I say: Sign me up!

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