Novella Reviews: Dark Harvest & The Switch House


Keeping on trend for this month, I’ve checked off two additional novellas from my TBR that are perfect for spooky season reading! Below are some quick mini reviews for them!

DARK HARVEST by Norman Partridge: 

Halloween 1963. They call him the October Boy, or Ol’ Hacksaw Face, or Sawtooth Jack. Whatever name you use, what is universal is that everyone knows who he is in this small midwestern town. Every Halloween he rises from the cornfields with a butcher knife in his hand and makes his way towards town where gangs of teenage boys eagerly wait to confront this legendary nightmare. The prize for defeating the October Boy makes the scary situation all worthwhile…or does it?

I loved this creative local legend story! What on the surface looks like it could fit a classic mould actually breaks out of those confines to branch into a story filled with secrets, danger, and heart. I loved tagging along with our main character Pete McCormick for the majority of the story. He’s loveable and has an interesting life story that drives him forward. In addition to Pete there are a lot of great secondary characters who fully bring this story to life! 4⭐️


Angela and Terry have just returned home from the opportunity of a lifetime. They were chosen to be part of a popular television show called Let’s Switch Houses, where contestants swap homes with another person and live there for several months. This was supposed to be the chance for Angela and Terry to find a new path after the tragic loss of their son. Upon returning home, Angela starts to experience intense nightmares and lucid visions that have her questioning what happened in her home while she was gone.

This book has been on my radar for years and I’m so happy I finally picked up a copy! This is a creepy, unsettling, and entertaining story about a descent into madness or is it? How can what’s happening to Angela be explained? I loved the premise and the direction that Meyer chose to take with this story and was hooked until the very last page. Reader beware: this one is very gory! 4⭐️

DARK HARVEST: Amazon | Book Depository

THE SWITCH HOUSE: Amazon | Book Depository

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