Book Review: Hallowe’en Party

HALLOWE’EN PARTY | Agatha Christie
(Hercule Poirot #39)
05.04.2016 (first published 11.1969) | William Morrow
Rating: 3.5/5 stars!


The night of the big Hallowe’en party has arrived! As decorations are being put out, a teenage girl, Joyce, declares that she thinks she may have witnessed a murder. At the time she saw it she didn’t know what was happening, but now she is sure it was murder. No one believes her. Hours later her body is found drowned in the tub of apples used for bobbing for apples. Hercule Poirot is called to the case by a close friend. What he finds is a small village filled with secrets as he hunts for not just one murderer, but two.

Agatha Christie is back giving readers another glimpse into the mind of Hercule Poirot with HALLOWE’EN PARTY. This is a story of murder, secrets, and deception. Who can Poirot trust to give him the answers he needs?


HALLOWE’EN PARTY starts out by dropping the reader right in the heart of party preparations for a night of entertainment for our village’s teenage population. We are given an interesting mix of adults and teens who will all be in attendance on the fateful night in question. There were a lot of characters to get to know and it felt like I wasted a lot of time going back and forth trying to remember who was who initially in this story. Ultimately there are only a handful of characters the reader needs to know, but this isn’t obvious immediately. 

I love that Christie has the ability to weave together two interesting cases happening within one town in this story. It makes for a lot of guessing, which is something Christie’s books always have me doing! Overall, I think HALLOWE’EN PARTY is a great addition to a holiday TBR looking for something less on the spooky side and more on the mystery side!

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