Novella review: The Boy in the Woods

10.31.2020 | Inkshares
Rating: 5/5 stars


Today was supposed to be Eddie Reicher’s last day at summer camp, however, his parents can’t come to pick him up. Eddie is forced to spend one more night at Camp Cottonwood. He finds himself as one of the last campers left behind. At first he’s excited to finally be free of the bullies that have plagued his time at Camp Cottonwood, constantly making fun of his disfigured face and having the chance to hang out with the older counselors. Eddie is surprised to find his secret crush, June, is also staying over until morning. As the sun sets, a darkness spreads across camp. Something evil is spreading through camp and infecting the counselors and Eddie must be willing to do anything in order to survive.

THE BOY IN THE WOODS is the perfect homage to great 80’s slasher films! This short novella has successfully combined a coming of age story with a terrifying camp experience. I loved the nod to the horror trope of a bullied character fighting back against his enemies, all of course mixed with a strange illness that makes people lust for murder! There is a lot of over the top and a definite gore factor in this short story, but everything has a place and fits with the narrative. There is comedy, heart, and downright terrifying moments in THE BOY IN THE WOODS!

A huge thank you to Inkshares for my gifted copy of this novella!

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