Book Review: The Stone Sky

THE STONE SKY | N.K. Jemisin
(The Broken Earth #3)
08.15.2017 | Orbit
Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

This is the way the world ends…for the last time. The Moon will soon return. Whether this means destruction or salvation is in the hands of two women. Essun has learned to harness her power from her mentor’s instruction and wants only two things in life: to find her daughter, Nassun and create a world in which their special power of orogeny is embraced. Nassun feels abandoned by everyone she has ever thought should love her. She does not feel welcome in the world and now is set on destroying it. The fate of the world is in their hands.

THE STONE SKY is the finale to the Broken Earth trilogy and nicely wraps up everything that the prior two books have been building up towards. Jemisin wastes no time in picking up the story shortly after the events of the prior installment, THE OBELISK GATE. We are reunited with Essun and Nassun as they make their plans to either save or destroy the earth.


Jemisin has created elaborate, fully-formed characters throughout the various books in this trilogy. Our main character of Essun is someone who I immediately wanted to know more about. Once I knew her, I couldn’t stop wanting to travel with her. The same is true for Nassun and the storyline that Jemisin created for her. In addition to these standouts, there are a plethora of secondary characters who I truly became invested in. Watching this final adventure play out and learning their fates was a mixture of emotions and after I finished reading I immediately wanted to be back with all of them.

The characters are what make THE STONE SKY and the entire Broken Earth trilogy exemplary reads, but I wouldn’t be able to say that without giving credit to the amazing world that Jemisin has created within these books. It’s the world and the author that shaped these characters. There are a lot of parallels with this fictional Earth and our Earth: the prejudice for those who are different;  judging others by their skin tone, their hair, their talents, and their downfalls. 

I loved every moment of THE STONE SKY and the ending fit perfectly with everything that had happened. It was tense and heartbreaking and everything I wanted from this book. I’ve never been much of a science fiction reader aside from the random choice here and there, but I think this trilogy changed me. I’m excited to explore more of Jemisin’s works and start finding my way through this newfound love for sci-fi!

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