Book Review: The Haunting of Ashburn House

03.03.2020 | Poisoned Pen Press
Rating: 4/5 stars


Tucked away on the hilltop sits Ashburn House. Everyone in this small community knows the house and it’s famous owner. When Adrianne inherits the mansion she views it as a fresh start. She’s desperate, low on funds, and in need of a new beginning. What she finds within the walls of Ashburn House are strange messages, missing mirrors, and an overall uneasy feeling. Is someone in the house? Is someone watching her? As Adrianne learns the history of the house she becomes more and more uneasy about her new home.

Darcy Coates is an author that I’ve seen all over bookstagram and been unsure of where to start. THE HAUNTING OF ASHBURN HOUSE felt like the perfect starting point and certainly did not disappoint!

I’m a huge fan of haunted house stories, but the more you read, you start to find a trend with the plots. Coates was able to craft something that felt fresh and interesting, while also borrowing on classic haunting characteristics. The allure of the house within the town and the urban legend status it has obtained helped to sell just how weird this home and it’s former occupant was. 


Ashburn House becomes almost it’s own character throughout the novel as our main character, Adrianne, learns its history. I loved getting to Adrianne. She’s a character you are instantly rooting for and you want to help her deal with the creepiness within her new home. Her isolation in the mansion and in life add a great emotional component to the story, as well as feed the suspense of her situation. It’s also essential to point out she’s got an awesome cat companion…not biased over this as a cat lover at all!

This is definitely a hard book to talk about without the chance of giving away any small details, so what I’ll say is….if you enjoy haunted house stories or are looking for something to make you creeped out while reading, give this one a go!

This book is available to buy from: Amazon Book Depository

A huge thank you to Once Upon a Book Club Box for my gifted copy!

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