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The holidays are anything but merry when a family reunion is marred by murder. The wealthy Simeon Lee has invited his four sons and their wives home for Christmas. This isn’t a heartwarming holiday experience and instead quickly shifts into a tense and uncomfortable situation that crescendos when Simeon is found dead. Poirot has been called to the case!

This book screams classic Christie and Hercule Poirot! I loved the locked room mystery premise with a family filled with tension being stuck in the same house. Each of these characters has a motive for killing off Simeon, but it seems almost impossible that anyone had the time and means to commit the crime. I loved the ending where Poirot goes through each and every person in the house and spilling their possible motives and why/why not they committed the murder. 4⭐️ 

A seasonal short story collection from Hercule Poirot’s adventures and a surprise gift of Miss Marple in the last story! These tales tell of mysterious warnings, corpses found in chests, quarrels leading to murder, eating’s habits, a victim who dreams of his own suicide, and a conspiracy at a strange home known as Greenshaw’s Folly.

This collection is my second time picking up Christie’s short stories and I have to say that for me they hold up just as well as her longer works. Each of these stories held a unique premise and a cast of characters that quickly caught my attention. My favorites were THE ADVENTURE OF THE CHRISTMAS PUDDING and MYSTERY OF THE SPANISH CHEST. If you’re looking for something to sneak in small bits of throughout the holiday season, this book is a perfect addition to your TBR! 4⭐️

HERCULE POIROT’S CHRISTMAS: Amazon | Book Depository


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